1. Configure django-cms
  2. Add cmsplugin_googleplus and 'django.contrib.humanize' to the INSTALLED_APPS list in your project’s


The activities are cached so you need to:

  1. Set up your cache system

  2. (Optional) Decide the activities cache duration. Default is 5 minutes. Inside add:

    GOOGLEPLUS_PLUGIN_CACHE_DURATION = <custom_cache_duration>


  1. Go to the google apis console and create a new project or select an existent one (a google account is required)
  2. Select APIs under APIs & Auth and activate Google+ API
  1. Select Credentials and Create new Key (Browser key)
  2. Add the API key to your plugin instance:

The actual ‘Courtesy Limit’ for the Google+ API is 10,000 requests/day